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Moving beyond workplace bullying

Welcome to


We are an organisation committed to the prevention of workplace bullying.  Our core aims are to:
  • Promote awareness of workplace bullying throughout the community and within organisations
  • Facilitate considered discussion of workplace bullying and related issues
  • Disseminate resources and information about workplace bullying
  • Contribute to the improvement of organisational policies and procedures with respect to workplace bullying and related unacceptable behaviours
  • Provide consultant advice to organisations regarding their practice in preventing and managing workplace bullying and related behaviours
  • Conduct and report evidence based research into workplace bullying

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Our book: Preventing Workplace Bullying: An evidence based guide for managers and employees is published by Allen and Unwin. It is available at all good bookstores and the Allen and Unwin website.

For more information, and to read the back cover, click Publications.

We hope that you will find the book to be a useful, informative and accessible resource!

"This excellent book offers good practical advice on developing organisational approaches to workplace bullying..." Review from Occupational Health at Work, June/July 2011, pp.39



Please note: We do not offer a service to provide specific advice to individuals. You can seek information and support through the contacts we list.  Please click on Resources.


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