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With our roots in organisational psychology and occupational health and safety, we view bullying as a hazard that impacts on the health, safety and well being of people at work. Severe workplace bullying can significantly harm individuals, groups, and organisations. We consider workplace bullying can be most effectively managed using a risk management framework. We use a tailor-made approach to improve management systems in all types of organisations.

Dr. Anne Wyatt

Anne Wyatt has practised for over thirty years as an occupational health, safety, management and education consultant.  She has a background in the health sciences and education.  She holds a Master degree and a Doctorate in occupational health and safety as well as a Graduate Diploma in Criminology from Sydney University.  She is a qualified workplace mediator.  

Anne is regularly called as an expert witness in workplace bullying and occupational violence, as well as more general occupational health and safety matters. She has assisted many individuals, groups, teams and organisations with Occupational Health and Safety and related issues and currently conducts independent investigations, training, and consultancy in relation to the issue of psychological safety in the workplace.

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Dr. Carlo Caponecchia

Carlo Caponecchia has a Bachelor’s degree and PhD in Psychology, with an expertise in stress. Carlo is a Senior Lecturer at the University of NSW. He is an expert in psychological hazards at work, and teaches in the area of workplace safety at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Carlo’s research interests include psychological hazards at work; risk perception and communication, and wider human factors.  Carlo is involved in several research-based consultancy projects with industry groups, and is involved in training, independent investigations and consultancy advice in relation to workplace bullying. He is an advisor to beyondbullying.

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